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test 2 - • Poly-A-tail • Methylated cap at 5’ end of...

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Ch. 6 part 3 Genetic recombination- from this slide on do not need to know. DNA replication Now enzymes involved and what they do. DNA polymerase, helicase, primase (makes a primer out of RNA) Historical experiments Semi-conservative replication Recombination Meselson-weigle experiment Carbon 14 and nitrogen 15 Showed genes can break apart and recombine in different places From one chromatid to another chromatid can exchange DNA Is the DNA broken in half? Yes Used Ecoli and bacteriophage- when mixed together DNA molecules could exchange DNA material Chapter 8 Gene expression Transcription Translation Codon table at least one problem Identify mutation Read the reading frame of the gene RNA processing Introns, splicing Splicesomes- present in eukaryotes
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Unformatted text preview: • Poly-A-tail • Methylated cap- at 5’ end of the transcript • Translation • Differences between prokaryotes and eukaryotes • Shine delgarno- prokaryotes, tells the ribosome where to go • Methylated cap- eukaryotes, tells the ribosome where to go • Chapter 7 • Mutations • Luria-Delbruck fluctuation experiment • Know the purpose of the experiment • Random mutations was the take home message • 3 mutagens: • X-rays cause deletions • UV thymine dimers • Ethydium Bromide intercalating agent- intercalates within DNA • Chapter 9 • No DNA sequencing • Difference between genomic and cDNA libraries- about 2 questions • Know general idea of restriction sites...
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