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Quiz_3_Answers - TT Quiz 3 T FF F Name 1 If an organism is...

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T F T F T F Quiz 3 Name:_______________________________________________________________ 1) If an organism is a diploid with 18 chromosomes per somatic cell. What would be the somatic chromosome number of: (1 point each) a. a triploid variant of this species? 3n = 3(9) = 27 b. a trisomic variant of this species? 2n+1 = 2(9) + 1 = 19 c. a tetrasomic variant of this species? 2n+2 = 2(9) + 2 = 20 d. a monosomic variant of this species? 2n-1 = 2(9) - 1 = 17 e. What is the number of chromosomes found in the gametes produced by this organism? Because 2n=18, n=9 2) Name a trisomic disorder. (1 point) Down syndrome, Edward syndrome and Patau syndrome Also accepted Klinefelter’s syndrome. Turner’s syndrome is a monosomic disorder. 3) Compare and contrast mitotic nondisjunction and chromosome loss. Feel free to include an illustration of each along with your answer. (5 points) Wanted to see the following in some form: Nondisjunction: trisomic cell and monosomic cell Chromosome loss: diploid (normal) cell and monosomic cell Both occur in anaphase and are errors that affect the number of chromosomes in daughter cells.
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4) True or False. (1 point each)
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