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1 BIOL 2153 Fall 2010 EXAM III Name (print): __________________________________ Signature: ____________________________________ LSU ID: ______________________________________ 1) Which of these proportions regarding the composition of eukaryotic chromosomes is correct? a. 1/2 DNA b. 1/4 DNA c. 1/4 histones d. 1/3 non-histone proteins e. b and c 2) ‘Chromatin’ refers to one arm of a metaphase chromosome. a. True b. False 3) Human chromosome #2 evolved through the fusion of two shorter ancestral chromosomes. Which of the following is the most likely to have been responsible for this phenomenon? a. Loss of telomeres b. Loss of centromeres c. X-inactivation d. Meiotic nondisjunction e. Mitotic nondisjunction 4) Arabidopsis telomeres are made up of 5’-TTTAGGG-3’ repeats. What is the sequence of the RNA contained within the Arabidopsis telomerase enzyme? a. 5’-TTTAGGG-3’ b. 5’-UUUAGGG-3’ c. 3’-UUUAGGG-5’ d. 5’-AAAUCCC-3’ e. 3’-AAAUCCC-5’ 5) Almost all ‘tortoise-shell’ cats (patches of orange and black fur) are female. Which of the following genotypes could be that of a male, tortoise-shell cat? a. XO b. XY c. XXY d. XXX e. XYY 6) Susie’s parents have the following genotypes / phenotypes for blood type: Dad = I A I A / type A; Mom = I A i / type A. Susie has blood type O, which is an example of pseudodominance. What phenomenon was responsible for this? a. Homozygous deletion b. Heterozygous deletion c. Homozygous duplication d. Heterozygous duplication e. Reciprocal translocation 7) Duplications are less likely to cause a phenotype than a deletion of comparable size. a. True
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2153_Fall_2010_EXAM_III_key - BIOL 2153 Fall 2010 EXAM III...

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