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Brittany Haynes Sec. 5 11/10/10 I.D. 99 KIN 3502 Lab #7 Week of Nov 1 INSTRUCTIONS FOR LAB: 20 points Complete and score the psychological inventories that are on the following pages. Answer the questions and turn in your scoring sheets, and your responses to the questions. PART ONE Self-Motivation Inventory. Read each of the following statements. Mark the letter that best describes how characteristic the statement is when applied to you. The choices are: A: Extremely Uncharacteristic of Me B: Somewhat Uncharacteristic of Me C: Neither Characteristic nor Uncharacteristic of Me D: Somewhat Characteristic of Me E: Extremely Characteristic of Me A B C D E Score 1.I am not very good at committing myself to do things x 5 2. Whenever I get bored with projects I start, I drop them to do something else x 5 3. I can persevere at stressful tasks even when they are physically tiring or painful x 4 4. If something gets too much of an effort to do I am likely to just forget it x 4 5. I’m really concerned about developing and maintaining self-discipline x 1 6. I’m good at keeping promises, especially ones I make to myself x 5 7. When I take on a difficult job I make a point of sticking with it until it is completed x 4 8. I’m willing to work for the things I want as long as it’s not a big hassle x 3
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KIN_3502_Lab_7-2010 - Brittany Haynes Sec. 5 11/10/10 I.D....

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