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Brittany Haynes Sec. 5 I.D. 99 KIN 3502: Tests and Measurement in Kinesiology Muscular Strength and Endurance Location: Training Room in the Stadium and Hatcher Hall Weight Room Objective: The purpose of this lab is for you to gain experience with muscular strength and endurance testing. Special Instructions: You responses to this assignment must be your own. You may ask your classmates for clarification or explanation but you must hand in an assignment that represents your own work. Enter your scores on the GoogleDocs spreadsheet. Activities in Lab Isometric strength testing: Hand grip dynamometer Directions for this test are on page 242 in your text (JAMAR procedures). Complete two trials for both right and left grips. Determine the criterion score for each hand. Trial one Trial two Criterion Right 50 45 47.5 Left 45 40 42.5 Isotonic strength testing: Bench press 1 rep max estimation Directions for the test are on pages 243-245. Rather than doing a 1 rep max test, you will identify a weight that you can lift 4-10 times to fatigue. Ideally, you will find a 4-6 reps to fatigue weight, as estimates of 1 RM from 4-6 reps is more accurate than estimates from higher reps. You must have a spotter to attempt this test. Weight lifted: 65 lbs. Reps to fatigue: 6 Isokinetic Strength Testing: Cybex Machine You will watch a demonstration of this in the training room. Muscular Endurance (Tests of Muscular Endurance of the Abdominal Muscles)
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Brittany Haynes Sec. 5 I.D. 99 Today in lab you will complete the FitnessGram Curl-up test. (text: directions on page 353, criterion-referenced standards on page 354) Curl-ups completed: 65 Written component
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MuscularFitnessLab - Brittany Haynes Sec. 5 I.D. 99 KIN...

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