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The President's Challenge

The President's Challenge - Total Points:646 Date Activity...

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Welcome, bhaynes90 Review Your Progress [If you are not bhaynes90 , click here ] See how much progress you've made. Every now and then, you might want to look back at activities you've already logged. This can show areas where you've improved - and where you'd like to do better. You can even review your entire activity log. From: 10 13 2010 To: 10 13 2010 Activity Type: All Activities View Selected Dates [ View All
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Unformatted text preview: ] Total Points:646 Date Activity Description Duration Points 10-12-2010 Yoga General 1 Hr. 0 Min. 145 10-11-2010 Running Easy, 12 minutes per mile or slower 0 Hr. 30 Min. 218 10-10-2010 Dancing General, Fast 1 Hr. 5 Min. 283 Page 1 The President's Challenge - Review Progress http://www.presidentschallenge.net/activity_log/progress.aspx 1 of 1 10/13/10 10:54 AM...
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