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Gospel of Mark Short Essay Prompts. Name: Date: April 1, 2010 Instructions: Pick one of the questions below and develop it into a substantive paragraph of at least five sentences. 1. Who is the narrator of this story? What can we tell about him from the way the book is written? What is his point of view? What does he think we know already? With whom does he want use to sympathize? 2. With what part of Jesus’ life does this Gospel begin and end?
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Unformatted text preview: Who participates in these episodes? 3. Where and in what kinds of places do most of the actions in this Gospel take place? 4. What types of people does Jesus interact with and how does he speak to them? Does he speak to the disciples differently than the crowd? If so, how? 5. Who are Jesus’ accusers? Do they all come from the same class or group? 6....
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