Correct - u v = 0 ormula before Exercise 10.4.6 T ij = m i...

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1 5th October Exercise 1.2.3(c) ‘if ⋆⋆ has exactly one solution, then has exactly one solution, if ⋆⋆ has inFnitely many solutions, then has inFnitely many solutions, and if ⋆⋆ has no solutions, then has no solutions’ Proof of Lemma 1.4.2 replace μ x by λ y Exercise 2.1.4 (iii) u , u , u ′′ R 2 Lemma 2.3.7 (iii) x · y = y · x DeFnition 3.3.6
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Unformatted text preview: u v = 0 ormula before Exercise 10.4.6 T ij = m i u m j v T uv Exercise 10.1 delete 1 = E i E j ....B k B k ) and End of Section 3.1 In proofs of parallelogram law b a b should be b a b 2 15th December:- Lots of minor changes. Probably best to look at new version....
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