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A Practice Based M Level Course The idea that a degree was formally taken by the applicant showing him- self competent for it, may be well illustrated from the quaint ceremony of admitting a Master in Grammar at Cambridge, as described by the Eliz- abethan Esquire Bedel, Mr. Stokys: ’The Bedel in Arts shall bring the Master in Grammar to the Vice-Chancellor, delivering him a palmer with a rod, which the Vice-Chancellor shall give to the said Master in Grammar,
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Unformatted text preview: and so create him Master. Then shall the Bedel purvey for every Master in Grammar a shrewd boy, whom the Master in Grammar shall beat openly in the Schools, and he shall give the boy a groat for his labour, and another groat to him that provideth the rod and the palmer. And thus endeth the Act in that faculty.’ [See ‘The Oxford Degree Ceremony’, J. Wells OUP 1906 on Guttenberg]‘ 1...
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