Sociology- "class"

Sociology- "class" - o-The more income you have...

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October 12 th , 2010 Working class - Someone who contributes to the production of capital - Someone who doesn’t own the means of production (or capital) - Someone who sells their own labor power o Sold to capitalists o Meat cutters work for capitalists o Assembly line people o Work n factories -Everyone cannot be in the working class because a doctor and a meat cutter cannot be compared October 14, 2010 -Wealth and income are a consequence of your class position
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Unformatted text preview: o-The more income you have the more possibilities you have to accumulate wealth Capitalists Professional -Cultural capitalists Small business class -Working class -Poor TYPE OUR CLASS PERCENTAGE (1/17 ) NATION Capitalist 3 17% <1% Cultural capitalist 9 52% <10% Small Business 3 17% 5% Working class 2 12% 70% Poor 1 6% 14% Class Consiousness-only the capitalists can be class conscious...
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