jud 4 - J udaic 271 January 24, 2011 19th century- no more...

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Judaic 271 January 24, 2011 19 th century- no more polish state as independent country Countries that partitioned Poland, Russia, Austria, Prussia Ottoman empire is also a neighbor but to work also Russia- largest territories/population Expands to the west Acquired territories that are populated by different ethnic groups o Tries to incorporate into the empire o Needs the territories way to Western Europe Way Russia becomes a major power Prussia is country that wants to expand o Expands to east and west but doesn’t want to incorporate ethnic groups as separate enemies o Wants to make them german 19 th century- successful development of capitalism in eastern Europe o Part of the world that acquires momentum o Becomes more and more important Period of turmoil in beginning of 19 th century 1815- European situation is very stable Congress of Vienna o Checks and balances No part of power can become too powerful o Agreement on lands In new countries, Jews are treated as subjects not legal citzens In Germany and Austria: incorporate them into system o Urban borgiose o No longer treated as a separate group/estate o Allow them to participate in industry and life of the state o Become successful in banking industry- plays an important role in Austria and Russia
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End of 19 th century- large anti-semetic movement o With certain limitations in Russia: Cannot occupy legal positions Not allowed to travel outside the territory that used to be Poland Doesn’t want them to mix with other populations Increasingly more difficulty for Jews to enter high school and universities o Initially encouraged by government o Too many well educated, qualified Jews and somehow it will
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jud 4 - J udaic 271 January 24, 2011 19th century- no more...

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