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The future of food video notes

The future of food video notes - Video Review Name of...

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Video Review Name of Movie ____The Future of Food____ Date __1/13/11___ Write a review (one paragraph to one page) of the video. Highlight the importance of the videos information/themes/topics to the ideas and themes of this course Whoever controls the seeds control the food o Due to patents Patents generally for the man-made objects…seeds grow, multiply, spread Where to draw the line between people and companies that patent these seeds Patent infringement o Test crop, farmers cooperate ad allow them to take samples because they haven’t planted this crop o Most farmers pay to avoid lawsuit o Look to scare farmers into not saving their own seed The manner in which the seeds have gotten there didn’t matter, just the fact that the plant had grown Cross-pollination- farmers don’t want Monsanto’s patent, want natural crops The way technology/ the system is working it becomes the farmer’s responsibility to fence the chemicals out, instead of the companies
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