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Unformatted text preview: 74 5 Making a Point Writing Your Thesis Statement Understand What a Good Thesis Statement Is The thesis statement of an essay states the main point you want to get across about your topic. It is your position on whatever you are writing about. Narrowed topic + Main point/position = Thesis statement Eating disorders are caused by both cultural and psychological factors. A strong thesis statement has several basic features. BASICS OF A GOOD THESIS STATEMENT • It focuses on a single main point or position about the topic. • It is neither too broad nor too narrow. • It is specifi c. • It is something that you can show, explain, or prove. • It is a forceful statement written in confi dent, fi rm language. WEAK THESIS I think college is good, and there are lots of them. STATEMENT ■ IDEA JOURNAL Think about a song you like. Does it make a point of some kind? What is it? You Know This You have lots of experience understanding and stating main points. • You explain to a friend why you are a veg- etarian (what the point is). • You understand the point of a movie. ¡ WRITING ESSAYS Chapter 5 • Making a Point 75 This statement does not follow the basics of a good thesis statement: It focuses on two points, not one; it is very broad; the word good is not specifi c; and the words I think are not forceful or confi dent. GOOD THESIS A college degree brings many concrete benefi ts such as STATEMENT better jobs, more career choices, and higher salaries. This statement has all the basics of a good thesis statement. Check the list of basics yourself. Language Note: In some cultures, people avoid making direct points, either in speech or in writing: It is considered impolite. In the United States, however, writers are expected to make clear, direct points. Readers want to know early on what point the writer will make in the essay, the paragraph, or any nonfi ction text. A good thesis statement is essential to most good essays. Early in your writing process, you may develop a draft thesis (or working thesis ), a fi rst-try version of the sentence that will state your main point. You can revise it into a fi nal thesis statement later in the writing process. Practice Developing a Good Thesis Statement The explanations and practices in this section, which are organized ac- cording to the basics of a good thesis statement (p. 74), will help you write strong thesis statements. Write a Thesis That Focuses on a Single Main Point Your thesis should focus on only one main point. If you try to address more than one main point in an essay, you will probably not be able to give adequate support for all the points. Also, you risk splitting your focus. THESIS STATEMENT WITH TWO MAIN POINTS In the next decade, many schools will have a drastic shortage of teachers, and teachers should have to take competency tests....
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com156_week2_reading2 - 74 5 Making a Point Writing Your...

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