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Moneyball Chapter 4 Runs Created Formula Runs created = hits + walks x total bases / at bats + walks His model came closer and closer each year to the actual amount of runs created from each baseball team for that season. This implied the professional baseball analyst did not put enough emphasis on aspects of the game such as walks and extra base hits (which was a hug part of the Runs created model). Instead, they put too much emphasis on batting averages and stolen bases (which James didn’t even include). Clutch hitting. Hitters typically perform the same in stressful or
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Unformatted text preview: non-stressful athletic situations. Dick Kramer hypothesis on clutch hitting. Factors such as right handed hitters hit worse against right-handed pitchers and vica versa. Chapter 5 Billys excitement over Blanton @ 24 (the second best right hand pitcher in the draft) and Mckerty with the 26 th pick. This showed stragetic planning. Other teams switched their picks. Influenced by rumored draft picks. Billy gained two of three best pitchers in the draft and 2 of the 4 best positioned players....
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