Assignment 1 - Crystal Hammond Cannondale Keeps Customers...

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Crystal Hammond Cannondale Keeps Customers Satisfied 1. Identify some of the types of capital that Cannondale uses in producing its bicycles. Capital includes technology, tools, information, and physical facilities. To remain competitive, a firm’s capital needs to be continually acquired, maintained, and upgraded. As for Cannondale, they have many aspects of capital. They offer a broad product line of many diverse models. This satisfies the needs of a variety of cyclists. They have many standard bikes you can pick from a catalog but also offer customized bikes for the picky bikers. As for the types of bike they produce, they make it a standard to have a working relationship with outside firms to enhance the technology that a bike can offer. Cannondale has many departments that oversea the vast development to the bikes. They have invented high standards of technology that has innovated the meaning of a bike. The technology has become so useful that it helped a Swiss rider win a bronze metal. Many years ago they got together with Genosys Technology Management to improve communication to information they can relay. This helped them with knowing the standards that their product was creating. The quality that Cannondale strives for is
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Assignment 1 - Crystal Hammond Cannondale Keeps Customers...

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