assignment 8 - Crystal Hammond I found this site that had...

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Crystal Hammond Launching Your IT and Accounting Career I found this site that had an excellent summary on how to become a CPA. I thought it was a little more detailed and had lots of good information. Certified Public Accountants perform a variety of services related to financial management, tax preparation and auditing. CPA licensing requirements vary by state. While a bachelor's degree is the minimum requirement, most states require 150 semester hours of college coursework, which is beyond the requirements for a bachelor's degree. Most aspiring CPAs pursue master's degrees. Some schools offer 5-year, combined bachelor's and master's degree programs. Bachelor's Degree in Accounting An undergraduate degree in accounting provides the foundation for a career as a CPA. Traditional 4-year programs prepare students for careers in financial planning, consulting and general accounting. Graduates are also prepared for the additional accounting coursework or graduate study necessary to become licensed CPAs. A typical bachelor's degree in accounting requires an average of 120 credit hours. Educational Prerequisites A high school diploma or equivalent is the minimum requirement for entry into an accounting program. Most schools have specific math and English course requirements. Additional courses in accounting, economics and business information systems are also required. At some schools, freshmen students complete pre-professional and general education coursework before being admitted into the accounting program. Program Coursework Students take business, finance and accounting courses in addition to general education requirements. Typical coursework includes the following: Intermediate accounting Cost accounting Tax accounting Auditing Continuing Education To meet the CPA licensing requirements of most states, those who complete bachelor's degrees in accounting will need additional education. Some schools allow students to complete the additional course hours while pursuing their bachelor's degrees. Other schools offer master's degree programs in accounting that fulfill the requirements and prepare students for the CPA licensing exam. Master's Degree in Accounting Many master's degree programs in accounting build upon the undergraduate business or accounting foundation. These programs provide in-depth knowledge of accounting topics and
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Crystal Hammond Launching Your IT and Accounting Career prepare students for licensure and certification examinations. Master's degree programs in
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assignment 8 - Crystal Hammond I found this site that had...

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