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Crystal Hammond Discussion Module 3 Many companies are choosing to give initiatives to military veterans because they see how dedicated a soldier can be. In this day, many veterans are retiring from the military and actually finding it extremely hard to find work. For many all they know is the military. I was in the army national guard for 6 year. If I needed someone to help me if I had nothing and no job at home, franchising would be something I would do. The VetFran program was started for military personal who sought positions in certain companies. Many owners valued the work ethic and management skills they learned in military service and believed that it many would do well in the businesses. Many companies even create positions to recruit veterans for the franchise. Many of these companies look at the skills that the Veterans learned being in the military. Many agree they will fit in the franchising business. The focus on teamwork, dedication and a familiarity with processes help many become effective franchise owners. To make a franchisee successful, having good personal qualities is one of the most important parts. The following are some characteristics that make franchisees a success: Reliability Good franchisees tend to be reliable and solid individuals who are careful but not necessarily risk adverse. Leadership Skills
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Discussion mod 3 - Crystal Hammond Discussion Module 3 Many...

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