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Crystal Hammond Discussion Mod 4 When it comes to privacy, I think that it is one of the top priorities of the U.S. Privacy is important to people. They want to know that what they are offered to them will protect them. Many understand that there are people out there that will get involved in their privacy and want the backup that they need. The AskEraser will bring about change to the industry in the area of online privacy. Ask has become a major player in search engines and is giving users control over the data generated by their activities online. I did a little research and found that some consumers believe that
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Unformatted text preview: AskEraser threatens consumer privacy. Some of the threats are that users must accept and maintain an AskEraser cookie and disable genuine privacy features that block cookies, the AskEraser cookie is a unique persistent identifier that makes it easy for Ask.com, its business partners, and the government to track the activities of AskEraser users, Ask.com will disable the search delete feature, the central purpose of the AskEraser service, without notice to the user, and also Ask.com continues to provide third party access to search data, even when AskEraser is enabled....
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