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Discussion mod 5 - Motivation is the catalyst that spurns...

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Crystal Hammond Discussion Mod 5 Google has innovative training programs to generous benefits and does everything possible to make sure their employees enjoy their jobs and have fun. Because Google often hire employees that are self starters with a thirst for learning, the training is shifted to employee. In the normal job training atmosphere the training is set towards the job and the company. At Google they use an on the job learning process, that uses mentors as tutors. At the normal job, the orientation is done by one person who you interact with for a couple days and then never talk to again. With Google the mentors can become lifelong friends.
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Unformatted text preview: Motivation is the catalyst that spurns employees' eagerness to work without pressure. To motivate is to provide employees with a motive to do some tasks. It is to cause or provoke somebody to act either positively or negatively. To say that nobody can motivate employees at work is like saying there are no influential leaders, there are no effective managers, there are no motivational speakers, the psychologists in sports management teams are useless and that motivation is not achievable. Motivation has been used by effective managers to prompt ordinary people to achieve uncommon results in all fields of endeavours....
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