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Discussion mod 7 - properly they abruptly show repeats or...

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Crystal Hammond Discussion Mod 7 I think that Television is in the Maturity stage of the product life cycle. The maturity stage is when sales curve peaks-severe competition, consumer are now experiences specialist. They may need to perform some type of product modification to correct weak or omitted attributes in the product. They may also need to build brand loyalty, communications should stress the brand of the product, since consumers are more aware of the products benefits and there is more competition, must differentiate your offering from your competitors. They may begin to move toward intensive distribution -the product is more accepted, therefore intermediaries are more inclined to risk accepting the product. Price dealing/cutting or meeting competition, especially if previously adopted a price skimming strategy. I think it will be the future. I am tired of TV shows and reruns. It is hard to watch a series
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Unformatted text preview: properly, they abruptly show repeats or show some other shows. Boston Legal for example, they never show originals continuously. I think with Internet there is an option to see on demand TV. "I used to think the stuff in dollar stores was probably just junk, but when I stopped in one day to check it out, it was like I can easily spend $100 or more in dollar stores. Easily. Why shoud i spend $3 on cleaning liquid, when you can get it for a dollar? There's a lot of stuff here that you really don't want to pay more than a dollar for. And in this economy, we're all watching our pennies closer. so yes i agree with you when u say, small chain dollar store is potentially competitors with some larger chain stores but not necessarily with Wal-Mart....
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