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Discussion mod 9 - hiring again as that's the only way to...

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Crystal Hammond Discussion Mod 9 I think Microsoft does need to spend some of its cash, whether it be on investments, debt or new markets. Credit markets shut down, causing businesses to lay off employees and begin hoarding cash. Government interventions stabilize the financial sector. Businesses continue to hoarding cash and cutting back in order to protect themselves against further disruptions. But as their holdings increase and the stock market rebounds and their profits get back to normal, they begin
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Unformatted text preview: hiring again, as that's the only way to grow and deal with their demand. Also businesses are hoarding cash as safety net due to the gloomy and uncertain business climate. I don’t see very many disadvantages to hoarding cash. The main disadvantage is there could be more useful way to deal with the money. Stocks can be a very good investment for businesses. Also investments and long term investments and short term investments....
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