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Outline Style Mind Mapping Main Idea – E xpanding Aptitude for an Enhanced Life First Subtopic – Why are you attending college? Detail – Attain a College Degree Detail – Establish an Enduring Career Detail – Raise My Family in the Finest Potential Environment Second Subtopic – What do you hope to gain from the experience? Detail – How to Set New Goals Detail – How to Mange Time Wisely Detail – Learning Responsibility Third Subtopic – What qualities or skills do you have that make you suited for studying in a Technological age? Detail –
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Unformatted text preview: Fundamental Knowledge and Learning Techniques Detail Utilization in Critical Thinking Detail Written and Verbal Communication Skills Fourth Subtopic What will you do that will make you successful at this? Detail Have Backup Plan Detail Research and Asking Questions Detail Finishing My Degree at APUS Conclusion It is my personal accountability to achieve the goals in life that I desire. Nothing in life is simple, but it acquires extra endeavors to finish what you initiate, if you wish to be successful....
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