Homework5 - p(t) p(t) p(0) = 1000 lb/in 2 t=0.05 sec You...

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CEE511 – Structural Dynamics Fall Semester 2010-2011 Homework #5 (Due November 1, 2010) Single Degree of Freedom Systems – Impulsive Excitations 1. Chopra Problem 3.18 2. Chopra Problem 3.26 3. Chopra Problem 4.5 4. Chopra Problem 4.13 5. After graduation, you decide to take a structural design job with a firm specializing in the design of blast-resistant structures (such as embassies and courthouses). After consultation with a detonation expert, you are told that if a car bomb was to be exploded in front of a government building, the following pressure wave would strike its surface:
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Unformatted text preview: p(t) p(t) p(0) = 1000 lb/in 2 t=0.05 sec You must quickly design the structure without the use of a sophisticated computer, so you are forced to find a straight forward (perhaps conservative) approach. What equivalent static pressure would you use applied to the face of the structure to allow you to conservatively design the structure to the given blast load? Describe how you came to that static load. Assume your primary structural period is 0.25 sec....
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