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Contextual event – “You just had to be there” 2. Cx is a process Irreversible Cant really strike something from a record Cant really take it back Beginnings/endings arbitrary No absolute only perceptual “When did this class start” One oclock? January sixth? Ten years ago? 3. Cx creates and sustains social order No one makes you drive on the right side of the road but you do 4. Cx involves meaning Assigned not given Use the same word in numerous contexts. ..different meanings
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Cx is symbolic Verbal codes Arbitrary symbols Dog hints nothing of a furry little animal D-O-G Nonverbal codes Its raining Say the same word three different ways 6. Cx is context shaped and context shaping You can not NOT Cx (Communicate) All behavior in any social interaction has the potential to be communicative And only if the other person notices and attribute meaning to it FALSE- All behavior is inherently meaningful...
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