Stage 1 Data Management

Stage 1 Data Management - C It is predicted that the law...

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Joseph N. Mahoney Mrs. Code BUS304 1/19/11 1. There is generally no consensus on the issue, and many scientist and doctors are still studying the effects of cell phones on humans. While no link has been discovered between cell phone use and cancer, some experts say long-term use could cause problems. 2. The upside of going paperless is maintaining, managing, and searching historical records is much faster and easier. It also allows for easy on-demand access to data from remote locations. This is also a downside, though, because it takes much more specialized knowledge--not to mention money--to maintain an organized and, most importantly, secure electronic database. However, with data transfer rates and storage capacity constantly increasing, and solutions becoming more easily-accessible to non-IT professionals. 6. A. Gordon Moore is the co-founder of Intel. Moore’s law was published in 1965. B. The number of transistors on an integrated circuit will double every two years.
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Unformatted text preview: C. It is predicted that the law will be viable only for two more decades. D. Two more decades E. The reduction in size of IC circuits will allow for smaller technology to take place into the business. 7. A. Yes, it is widespread knowledge that Wikipedia is a public access site that is allowed to be changed by anyone. However, the site is editied for accurate information to be verified. B. Wikipedia is such a used site because of search engines such as google allowing them to appear in the front page of most searches. C. Yes, individuals can malacously publish information against others on the Wikipedia website. The only way that the individual can find out is if they were would search their own name. D. By using passwords access individuals can be held responsible for the information published on the website. Yes, selective access is a strong deterent against internet vandalism....
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Stage 1 Data Management - C It is predicted that the law...

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