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. . . more Department of Economics Fall 2009 University of California Professor Olney Berkeley ECONOMICS 100B: Economic Analysis: Macroeconomics Lecture: TuTh 3:40 - 5:00 p.m., 1 Pimentel (CCN 22438) This syllabus is the contract between you and me. Please read it carefully. "I didn't read the syllabus" is not an acceptable excuse for missing an exam, overlooking a reading, skipping a problem set, and so on. Prof. Olney In Economics 100B, we further develop the tools of macroeconomic analysis that were introduced in Economics 1. Topics include: measurement of aggregate output and income; long-run growth; a flexible-price model of the composition of output; the short-run (sticky-price) model of fluctuations in output; aggregate demand; the monetary policy reaction function; and economic policy. As part of Berkeley's Undergraduate Student Learning Initiative, the Economics Department has developed learning goals for the Economics major. See The specific learning goals which this course aims to achieve are: Apply economic analysis to evaluate everyday problems Apply economic analysis to evaluate specific policy proposals Compare two or more arguments that have different conclusions to a specific issue or problem Understand the role of assumptions in arguments Solve problems that have clear solutions Communicate effectively in written, spoken, and graphical form about specific economic issues Know how to locate and use primary data sources Understand and evaluate current economic events and new economic ideas. Professor's Office Hours Professor Martha Olney, 691 Evans Hall, 642-6083. E-mail: [email protected] Prerequisites : Economics 1, Economics 2 or PENR 1 (Introduction to Microeconomics and Macroeconomics); and Math 1A or 16A (one semester of college calculus). Adding the Course The course is full. It is unlikely that everyone on the waiting list will get in. The department relies completely on TeleBears for enrollment purposes. Your chances of enrolling in the course are better if you choose a section that is underenrolled. If you are already on the waiting list but want to change your section choice, access TeleBEARS and use the change section option. Do not drop yourself from the course wait list, or you’ll lose your place “in line.” Simply change sections. See Juan Carlos Suarez (508-2 Evans, [email protected]) for assistance. Textbook and Other Reading Material (Available at ASUC and other bookstores) REQUIRED: [1] DeLong, J. Bradford and Martha L. Olney. Macroeconomics . 2 nd edition. McGraw-Hill, Inc., 2006. You cannot use the first edition. Royalties received from the sale of the book to Cal students will be donated to the Cal Alumni Achievement Award Program. [2]
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syllabus - Department of Economics University of California...

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