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Department of Economics Fall 2009 University of California Economics 100B Berkeley Professor Olney Information Regarding the Final Examination L The final exam will be: Monday, December 14, 5:00 - 8:00 p.m., in Pauley Ballroom L The exam is a closed book exam. You do not need bluebooks. No calculators or electronic devices allowed. L The final is worth 40 percent of your grade. You must take the final in order to pass. If you do not attend the final, you will receive an F in the course. L There will be two parts to the exam. Part I (140 points) will cover the material from any point in the course. Part II (60 points) will be the comprehensive essay question on the reverse of this handout. L You can study with others but you will, of course, have to write your own essay. As the essay is graded, the GSIs will need to distinguish between someone who clearly understands the subtleties of the material and someone who “mostly gets it, usually.” The more clear and detailed your essay, the better your grade. You should write an essay, not an exam answer . You need to have paragraphs and sentences. You can use symbols as shorthand but should use them in the context of a sentence. For example, “When Y D increases, consumers tend to increase C” is ok. But “ 8 Y D Y 8 C” is not. L The GSIs and Professor Olney can not pre-grade your essay. In the next few days, please do not ask us to look at your outline nor ask us questions such as “How would you answer that?” You may ask clarifying questions of Professor Olney. E-mailing questions to Prof. Olney is helpful because if the question comes up several times, she will forward the question and her answer to the entire class by email. L
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final-info - Department of Economics University of...

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