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Unformatted text preview: rs! Attendance in section required this week & next Need help? E-mail [email protected] E- Textbooks Required: Macroeconomics by DeLong & Olney Recommended: Study Guide by Olney Required: Stay current on economics news Letter of Introduction of you to your GSI Include your name, a photo, and anything else Handwritten is ok Due Mon/Tues next week Administrative Matters Overview of Course Review of Economics 1 Calculus Pre-req Exams, Grades and so on Assignment 4 Problem Sets (10 each) Exam #1 (Oct 6) Exam #2 (Nov 19) Section Participation Final (Dec 14) Total (Maximum possible) Points 40 125 125 10 200 500 Means usually low 70s Median usually BBNo pre-set grade predistribution Average over time A+/A/A- 25-30 % A+/A/A- 25B+/B/B- 35-40 % B+/B/B- 35C/D/F/P/NP rest But if you all do A work, you'll all get an A. you' A...
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