Leichenko,+2005+_Ciritcal+Surveys_ - Regional Studies ,...

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Unformatted text preview: Regional Studies , Vol. 39.2, pp. 241–253, April 2005 Critical Surveys Edited by STEPHEN ROPER Exporting the American Dream: The Globalization of Suburban Consumption Landscapes ROBIN M. LEICHENKO* and WILLIAM D. SOLECKI† * Department of Geography, Rutgers University, 54 Joyce Kilmer Blvd, Piscataway, NJ 08854, USA. Email: [email protected] † Department of Geography, City University of New York-Hunter College, 695 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10021, USA. Email: [email protected] (Received January 2004: in revised form September 2004) L , R. M. and S , W. D. (2005) Exporting the American dream: the globalization of suburban consumption landscapes, Regional Studies 39 , 241–253. This paper examines how cultural, economic and political aspects of globalization interact with processes of urbanization in less developed country (LDC) cities to create new landscapes of housing consumption. Drawing evidence from the current literature, the paper demonstrates that globalization processes influence the housing preferences and housing consumption decisions of a small yet growing, middle-income segment of LDC urban residents. These changes lead to patterns of urban resource use akin to those associated with suburbanization and suburban sprawl in more developed countries (MDC), particularly the USA. In e ff ect, these changes amount to the manifest export of the American Dream – the ideal of homeownership of a single-family house in a suburban area – to LDC cities. A critical element of this process explored in the paper is how this suburban ideal is set down within each city context. This placement is presented as the result of global-, national- and local-level drivers. The emergence of consumption landscapes raises critical questions about the environmental and social sustainability of globalization, as LDC residents increasingly emulate the highly resource- consumptive, energy-intensive and exclusionary lifestyles currently practised by MDC suburbanites. Globalization Suburbanization Housing consumption Environmental degradation L , R. M. et S , W. D. (2005) Exporter le re ˆve ame ´ricain: la mondialisation des paysages de consommation suburbains, Regional Studies 39 , 241–253. Cet article cherche a ` examiner comment des aspects culturels, e ´conomiques et politiques de la mondialisation agissent sur les processus d’urbanisation aux villes situe ´es dans les pays en voie de de ´veloppement (PVD) pour cre ´er de nouveaux paysages de la consommation de logements. Puisant dans la documentation actuelle, cet article cherche a ` de ´montrer que, pour ce qui est du logement, le processus de mondialisation influe sur les pre ´fe ´rences et les de ´cisions d’une tranche, faible mais croissante, de la population urbaine aux revenus moyens des PVD. Ces changements entraıˆnent une distribution des ressources urbaines qui ressemble beaucoup a...
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Leichenko,+2005+_Ciritcal+Surveys_ - Regional Studies ,...

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