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COP15 Policy Statement -- Global Youth Support Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) for a Just and Sustainable World Today, nearly half the world's population– more than 3 billion people– are under the age of 25. Collectively, we as young people have a critical role to play in adapting to climate change, helping mitigate climate change, holding our governments accountable to targets set in Copenhagen, and shaping a just and sustainable world. Climate change disproportionately affects women, especially young women, who are often the stewards of their area’s natural resources--as they must walk farther to collect water, work harder to produce crops from dry soil, and cope with drought, flooding, [other] natural disasters and disease. At the same time, empowered women can be particularly strong agents for sustainable change in their communities. An effective approach to climate change mitigation and adaptation must support young people’s sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR), as doing so is essential for adaptation while contributing to reducing the impact of future climate change. At least 200 million women worldwide want to limit or space their births, but don’t have access to modern family planning methods. UNFPA estimates that this unmet need for family planning is twice as great for young people. Lack of access to family planning and reproductive health services can have dire consequences. For young women ages 15 to 19 in low- and middle- income countries, complications from pregnancy are the leading cause of death. Unmet need for family planning will significantly increase as the world’s largest generation of young people enters into their reproductive years. The ability to access sexual and reproductive health information and services is a human right that empowers young people to make healthy choices for themselves and their families, as well as helps determine whether the world will have 8 or 11 billion people in 2050. Meeting the
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Youth+Statement+Copenhagen,+2009 - COP15 Policy Statement -...

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