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ESPM+114+2011+Syllabus - Wildlife Ecology Sp 2011 ESPM 114...

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Wildlife Ecology Sp 2011 ESPM 114 W ILDLIFE E COLOGY S PRING 2011 Instructor: Prof. Justin Brashares 13 Mulford Hall (510) 643-6080 [email protected] Office hours Tues 4:00-5:00pm and Weds 4:00-5:00pm (or by email appointment) GSIs: Tim Bean Laurie Hall Cause Hanna 45 Mulford Hall 21 Mulford Hall Free Speech Cafe Phone: 292-4216 Phone: 643-3918 Phone: 545-3068 [email protected] [email protected] u [email protected] Office hours: Th 1-2pm Office hours: Tu 9-10am Office hours: W 3-4pm Sarah Sawyer Miriam Tsalyuk 11 Mulford Hall 11 Mulford Hall Phone: 643-3918 Phone: 643-1227 [email protected] [email protected] Office hours: Th 9-10am Office hours: W 12:15-1:15pm Lecture: MW 2-3:00pm, 145 Dwinelle Hall Discussion Sections: Discussion sections are a required part of the course. 101 Tu 10-11 2030 VLSB 105 Th 1-2 2062 VLSB 102 Tu 8-9 2305 Tolman 106 Tu 1-2 2070 VLSB 103 W 11-12 2305 Tolman 107 Th 12-1 2062 VLSB 104 Th 10-11 2038 VLSB 108 W 10-11 2038 VLSB Readings: Reader Available from Lazer Image at 61 Shattuck Square Course Grading: Distribution of Credit 1 st Midterm 100 points 2 nd Midterm 100 points 3 rd Midterm 100 points Discussion Section 150 points 450 points total Breakdown of Discussion section points Attendance/participation 40 points Problem Set #1 30 points Problem Set #2 50 points Problem Set #3 30 points
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Wildlife Ecology Sp 2011 Final Grade Breakpoints: 96.7% A+ 76.7% C+ 93.3% A 73.3% C 90% A- 70% C- 86.7% B+ 66.7% D+ 83.3% B 63.3% D 80% B- 60% D- Policies Special needs: Students with special needs are encouraged to contact the instructor during office hours or by email during the first two weeks of the semester to discuss accommodations for lectures, midterms or other elements of the course. Missed Exams: Missed exams will receive a grade of zero unless the student has an excused absence due to a documented medical or family emergency. The instructor will determine whether an exam missed for documented reasons will be a) retaken as a written exam, b) retaken as an oral exam or c) assigned a prorated score based on performance in the rest of the course. Regrades: To contest a grade on an exam or assignment you must submit a written explanation of why you think the grade was incorrect. Please note that the ENTIRE exam or assignment will be subject to reevaluation and your score may go up, go down or remain the same. Please note: Regrade requests must be submitted to the GSIs within one week of when the work is returned. Late assignments: Due dates are written in the schedule. Late assignments will be downgraded by 10% if not submitted by the deadline on the due date and 5% each additional day late. Extra Credit: The course offers extra credit opportunities for a maximum of 17.5 points. Details will be provided in Discussion sections and on the separate syllabus for Discussion. University Policy on Cheating or Plagiarism (From the UCB General Catalog)
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ESPM+114+2011+Syllabus - Wildlife Ecology Sp 2011 ESPM 114...

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