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8_27 History 7A Lecture

8_27 History 7A Lecture - Jessica Pena History 7A...

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Jessica Pena 8/27/09 History 7A Introduction "Imagining Worlds, Old and New" Office Hours 2309 Dwinelle TuTh 11-12pm -->available for personal appointments. Information/Syllabus on Bspace No Discussion Sections this Week! Expectations of Lecture: -On time at beginning of Class -Discourages bringing Laptops to Class -Cell Phone use banned in class/Turn off during lecture I. Old World A. First Contact 1. Pre-Columbus -European Fishing trades had been in America long before Columbus (exact date unknown) -->Norsemen/Portuguese/Basque businessmen B. Radical Contingency in History 1. Questions -Is the Past Necessary? -The inevitability of America? -->did America have to happen? -->Events of the past did not have to happen the way they did. *Keep in mind: Events could've turned out differently (all contingent on external factors) -->Remember: History is subjective, not everything you were taught or told is necessarily true a. Myths of American History -Manifest Destiny (coined by John Edward Sullivan as political propaganda for War with Mexico) -->Expand United States from Atlantic to Pacific Sea -American people created creative/political justification for Manifest Destiny (raised taxes, wrote articles, painted paintings) Example: "Across the Continent" -Currier and Ives 1868 -->propagandizing the idea of supporting the western Railroad "Manifest Destiny" John Gast 1872
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