9_01 History 7A Lecture

9_01 History 7A Lecture - History 7A Old Worlds Collide I...

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Unformatted text preview: 9/01/09 History 7A Old Worlds Collide I. Sources for European Expansion A. Population Growth and Economic Development 1. European Society a. After Roman Collapse (500AD)-->became stagnant/localized and hierarchic society "The Dark Ages"-->institutions (social, cultural, religious) reinforced this divine chain of being) b. Black Death-->1340s, destroyed 1/3 of European Population-->society begins to mobilize afterwards rapidly to compensate (tremendous economic activity) c. Economic Development-new forms of crop rotation (pastural agriculture with grains)-desire to trade outwardly grows-->growth pushes entrepreneurial citizens to begin expanding european horizons in this regard 2. Political Factors a. Disintegration of Political Organization-->post-Roman Empire=local chieftains reorganized political system by region-->small kingdoms begin to consolidate b. Consolidation of European Kingdoms-->authority/power reaches farther/more distributive power systems-->begin to see beginnings of grand european monarchies 3. Iberian Penisula a. Organization-->broken up into small principalities under Islamic Rule (The Moors) b. Christian Reform-The Reconquering of Spain (15th C.)-->Under Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain (Castille and Aragon under single Crown)-->gain control of the Iberian Penisula c. Spanish Consolidation-consolidation of resources-kingdoms organize taxes/armies/navies-->begin to project amount of power OVERSEAS B. Cultural Change: The Renaissance 1 Revival of Classical Learning-Frst European Universities-->Oxford/Cambridge, Paris (La Sorbonne)-attempt to recover lost knowledge of antiquity (Ancient Rome and Greece) a. Printing Press (15th c.)-horizons raised/expanded-proliferation of knowledge about the globe-->increased European Ambition to expand C. The Defeat of the Ottoman Empire 1453 1. The ¡all of Byzantium 1....
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9_01 History 7A Lecture - History 7A Old Worlds Collide I...

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