9_03 History 7A - 9/03/09 History 7A History 7A Contact,...

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9/03/09 History 7A History 7A Contact, Confict, and Colonization I. Diversity in the New World A. AFrica 1. Culture/Trade -->widespread, complex trading society already established surrounding the Niger River -->Europeans had little access to this trade pre-Portuguese contact 2. Initial Contact a. Portuguese -->made contact with lesser developed coastal peoples oFF West AFrica -->initial contact did not lead to European colonization, business was run by interior AFrican kingdoms B. Americas (Aztec and Incan Empires) 1. Population -majority oF native populations lived in southern and central regions (Mexcio, Latin America, and South America) 2. Central Valley oF Mexico a. Aztecs -complex political system oF tributaries and alliances 3. South America a. Incan Empire (western coast oF continent) -->contained several interior kingdoms with coastal tributaries (both Aztec and Incan structure was similar to that oF Western AFrican kingdoms) 4. North America -->15 c. the population was sparse, previous grand civilizations (Mississippians For examples) had declined and bands oF tribes existed a. Native Americans -organized into bands b. Initial Contact -concentrated on the south, instead oF North America (Central and Southern America) -North America was sparsely populated and lacked the riches in material wealth (gold, silver, etc.) which the central and souther natives had. C. Accidents oF ±irst Encounters 1. Contact with "Uncivilized" Natives -European impressions oF Natives were based on an initial contact with the coastal Fringes oF the native civilizations -->coastal peoples were less developed than the highly complex (comparable to European society) interior kingdoms 2. ±alse Impressions
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9_03 History 7A - 9/03/09 History 7A History 7A Contact,...

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