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History 7A, Fall 2009 Paper Assignment #1 September 10, 2009 Your assignment is to write an original essay, of 5-7 pages, typed and double-spaced in a type-face and font no larger than 12 pt. Times New Roman (this typeface), which responds to the question described below. As source material for this essay, you are to draw on assigned readings for the course, including any supplemental materials you may have used in sections. Whenever you make direct quotations from these sources, or borrow their ideas to make your point, you must indicate your debt using proper academic footnote or endnote procedures. Your essay must have a title, and you must number the pages. Essays are due in Lecture on Thursday, September 24 , and must be submitted, printed out on paper, to your GSI – NO ELECTRONIC SUBMISSIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED. Question : In the era of contact and colonization, when Europeans, Africans, and indigenous Americans encountered one another in a sustained way, it was not all that uncommon for people to be taken captive by strangers and held for a period of time, sometimes temporarily for purposes of exchange, in other cases permanently. In such cases, the shock of captivity was often followed by a period of adjustment, in which the
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Fall+2009+Paper+Topic+_1+for+7A - History 7A, Fall 2009...

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