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Page 1 of 3 SOC 110 Organizations and Institutions / Fall 2010 Final Exam Instructions/Notes : Answer all five questions. The point value of each question is indicated in parentheses. The final exam is worth 35% of your overall course grade, as per the syllabus. The exam will be graded on a 100-point scale. The total possible points, however, is 110. Any points in excess of 100 will effectively be extra credit (weighted at 35%, so the maximum possible extra credit is 3.5 points to the overall course grade). This is an open book, open note, open lecture slides exam. Do not, however, consult with others on the exam. (Do you really need to be told this?) I would expect the questions can be answered in one, two, maybe three paragraphs. As with the midterm, strive for brevity and clarity. Where questions are divided into subquestions (parts “a”, “b”, etc.), organize your answers in the same way, as opposed to combining everything into a single answer. If you are referring to a reading on the syllabus, DO note the author within the body of your answer text. However, it is unnecessary to provide a formal citation. Provide formal citations for any outside references you make, although I don’t know why you would be bringing outside references into this. It’s not really necessary, but if you feel the need to review the CNBC video “House of Cards”, you can review it (with, alas, commercial interruptions) at:
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FINAL+EXAM - Page 1 of 3 SOC 110 Organizations and...

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