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SATISFACTION SATISFACTION G SPNS Program: Project sub-site: HRSA number (unique ID number): People need support from the programs that provide case management and medical care. Please base your answers on your past experience as a client in the program. Thanks. Language of the form: English Spanish Staff Person: How will this questionnaire be completed? self-administered self-administed with help face-to-face inteview phone interview Date completed (MM/DD/YY): / / HRSA SPNS US/Mexico Border Health Initiative Centro de Evaluación: US/Mexico Border Health Evaluation Center San Ysidro Health Center, CA - El Rio Community Health Center, Tucson, AZ - Camino de
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Unformatted text preview: Vida, Las Cruces, NM - La Fe Clinic, El Paso, TX - Valley AIDS Council, Harlingen, TX Time: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 CLIENT CLIENT 1. Overall, I think the services here are: excellent very good good fair/poor 2. The information that I have received here has been: very helpful helpful not very helpful not at all helpful 3. The staff here treat me like I am an individual with unique needs and concerns: all of the time most times sometimes rarely or never 4. Would you tell your friends that they should come here if they have needs like yours? definitely yes probably probably not definitely not 7909536076 7909536076...
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