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speech outline - first draft - Anna Birkstedt Speech#4...

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Anna Birkstedt – Speech #4 Persuasive Title : The importance of using sunscreen Specific Purpose : To persuade the class to always use sunscreen when being exposed to the sun. Thesis Statement : The three points I will talk about today in order to stress the importance of using sunscreen are 1) The risks of not wearing sunscreen 2) how to prevent the sun from damaging your skin and the benefits and 3) who, when and where you should use sunscreen. I. Introduction A) Hook: I would like all of you to close your eyes, and imagine yourselves on your favorite beach somewhere in the world. You are lying on a sun bed with something cold to drink next to you, and your favorite music in your ears. The calm breeze gives the perfect temperature and after a while you fall asleep. An hour later, (you can open your eyes) you wake up and look like this! B) Rapport: (PIC) At first you think “Oh my god”, but then, most of you probably turn around and bake the other side of your body in the exact same way. A few hours later, your body might start to feel warm and maybe itchy, but you just shrug and figure that it will turn into a fabulous tan in a few days so what does it matter if you’re sunburned for while? C) Credibility: Let me tell you, it does matter! The suns radiation can do more damage than you think, both to the outside and inside of your body. But the good news is that there is something you can do to protect your skin (PIC) – use sunscreen! D) Bridge: To make sure that you are all well informed when it comes to sunscreen use and to prepare for ski season that’s almost right around the corner, today I want to make you understand the importance of using sunscreen and the three aspects I’d like to talk about are (PIC)
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speech outline - first draft - Anna Birkstedt Speech#4...

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