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Practice Test Study Guide Results Your Final Score: 8 out of 10 = 80% You can use Windows Explorer to browse the Web. Incorrect Answer Correct Answer(s): False Your Answer: True Page reference: 143 The _________ for a document refers to the way that all the elements of a document - the text, pictures, titles, and page numbers - are arranged on the page. Correct Answer!! Your Answer: format Page reference: 127 __________ software is an example of utility software. Correct Answer!! Your Answer: B. Security Page reference: 122 In addition to a spelling dictionary, your word processing software is likely to include a(n) ____________, which can help you find a synonym for a word so that you can make your writing more varied and interesting. Correct Answer!! Your Answer: thesaurus Page reference: 127 Rootkits are usually distributed by _________. Correct Answer!! Your Answer: D. Trojans Page reference: 165
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A(n) ___________ uses rows and columns of numbers to create a model or representation of a real situation. Correct Answer!!
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Unformatted text preview: Your Answer: spreadsheet Page reference: 130 When purchasing software, first check out the ________ requirements, which specify the operating system and minimum hardware capacities necessary for the software product to work correctly. Correct Answer!! Your Answer: system Page reference: 145 A(n) ___________ checker reads through your document and points out incomplete sentences, run-on sentences, and verbs that don't agree with nouns. Correct Answer!! Your Answer: grammar Page reference: 127 A computer under the control of a bad _________ is sometimes referred to as a zombie because it carries out instructions from a malicious leader. Correct Answer!! Your Answer: bot Page reference: 164 Virus signatures and other information that antivirus software uses to identify and eradicate malware is stored in one or more files usually referred to as virus __________. Incorrect Answer Correct Answer(s): definitions Your Answer: protection Page reference: 168...
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concepts3_AnnaBirkstedt - Your Answer: spreadsheet Page...

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