concepts4_AnnaBirkstedt - bundles the resource fork...

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Practice Test Study Guide Results Your Final Score: 10 out of 10 = 100% When you convert a DOC file into HTML format, the resulting file is virtually indistinguishable from the original. Correct Answer!! Your Answer: False Page reference: 211 Which of the following describes an interface that uses menus and icons that you can manipulate by pointing and clicking with a mouse? Correct Answer!! Your Answer: B. A graphical user interface Page reference: 189 DOS and Mac OS use nearly all of the same file-naming conventions. Correct Answer!! Your Answer: False Page reference: 204 In Microsoft Windows, a folder name is separated from a drive letter and other folder names by a(n) _________. Correct Answer!! Your Answer: C. backslash Page reference: 206 Microsoft Windows has been criticized for two major weaknesses: reliability and ___________. Correct Answer!! Your Answer: security Page reference: 195
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To transfer a Mac file to a PC, you have to go through a conversion process that
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Unformatted text preview: bundles the resource fork information with the _________ fork. Correct Answer!! Your Answer: data Page reference: 200 The file management utility for Mac OS is the Finder, whereas for Microsoft Windows, it is Windows __________. Correct Answer!! Your Answer: explorer Page reference: 216 A(n) __________ interface requires you to type memorized commands to run programs and accomplish tasks. Correct Answer!! Your Answer: command-line Page reference: 189 You can store your backup at a Web site, normally by paying a monthly fee to the provider of this service. Correct Answer!! Your Answer: True Page reference: 223 A file specification or path typically includes all of the following information EXCEPT __________. Correct Answer!! Your Answer: A. the file author Page reference: 206...
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concepts4_AnnaBirkstedt - bundles the resource fork...

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