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final exam - Web collection of docs accessed over the...

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Web – collection of docs accessed over the internet, uses HTTP prot. Hypertext – comp syst store, link, read, Nelson. Web site – related info, accessed though browser. Podcast/ webcast/ videocast – audio file distr. through downloads or use of feed like RSS or Atom. Web server – internet based comp accepting requests from browsers. Web browser – client sw displaying web pages + handles links. HTML – set of specifications for creating browser displayable docs. XHTML used today. DHTML + Ajax more advanced versions. HTML doc – source doc. HTTP – prot working w/ TCP/IP getting web sources to desktop. GET – most frequently used http. Commands are called methods . Stateless prot – retrieves each page separately. Socket – abstract concept representing one side of connection. Netscape navigator – first browser w/ graphical user interface GUI. Internet explorer, Mozilla firefox, apple safari. Helper appl./ browser add-on – program extending ability to work w/ file formats. Plug in – type of helper appl., player Web cache – storage of web pages being fetched. Cookie – small chunk of data generated by a web server, stored in a text file on hard disk. Allows site to store info on client comp to: monitor, gather info, collect personal info. Reminds server who user is. IE stores on dif files. HTML conversion utility – used to create web page. HTML scripts – allows pages to become interactive that would require comp prog. Server-side script – statements running on server. Accepts data > generate a custom HTML doc. Client - side script – runs on local comp, executed by browser. Java applet – application in java prog language. ActiveX control – compiled prog, security warning. Digital certificate – electronic attachment to file that verifies source id. Web crawler/ web spider –
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final exam - Web collection of docs accessed over the...

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