test_1 - Digital rev ongoing proc of social political ec...

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D igital rev – ongoing proc of social, political, ec changes by digital tech. First dig comp – WW2. 1 st personal comp – 1976 Digital society – anonymous internet sites, freenet + anonymizer tools – cloaks identity. Internet – global comp network, 1995. Web – collection of linked docs. Cyber space – entities existing largely within networks. Digitization – converting text etc into data that can be processed by dig device. Globalization – worldwide ec interdependence of countries cross-border. Computer – multipurpose device inputs, outputs, process & store data (symbols representing facts, ideas etc) Processing – manipulation of data. Data representation – form in which data is .(-ASCII 7 bits, Ext ASCII 8 bits, Unicode 16 bits= 65 000 characters) File – collection of data. Control unit fetches instructions. CPU – where most processing takes place, microp in new computers. Application centric approach Microprocessor – electronic component programmed to perform tasks based on received data, process instructions, most important component, clock – sets pace for executing instructions. Front side bus – circuits transporting data to microprocessor. Word size - # of bits microprocessor can manipulate at a time. Cache – memory in microprocessor, level 1-inside / level 2-on top. Different instructions: CISC (complex) / RISC (reduced), Serial processing – all steps must be completed before moving on, pipelining , parallel processing, dual core processing. Computer program – series of instructions telling comp how to carry out tasks = software setting up comp to do specific task. Application softw : helps person carry out task ex word processing program to edit, print. Productivity sotfw – more efficiently, groupware – collaborate, document production, word processing, desktop publishing, web authoring, graphic, music. System softw : helps comp monitor itself ex OS (operating system)– master controller for all activities. Utility softw drivers – helps peripheral device establish communication w/ comp. Hardw platform – softw + hardw, If buying, consider: use, money spend, platform, ram (2 gig min), magazines. Workstation
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test_1 - Digital rev ongoing proc of social political ec...

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