test_2 - Operating system master controller for all...

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Operating system – master controller for all activities in comp syst. Preinstalled . Software . Provides environment for running software. Issue command> application sw> os> device drivers> hw does task. Controls mp at higher level. Stores + retrieves files. Stored on hard disk. Resource – component required to perform work. Task manager – list of processes executed. Multitasking – multiple tasks @ same time. Multithreading – in single program multiple parts @ same time. Multiprocessing os capability supports division of labor in processing units Memory leak – data overflows from 1 area of mem to other. Ctrl+alt+del for PC Single-user os – 1 user at a time. Multi-user os – single comp multiple inputs from many users. Network os – allows comps to share data. Desktop os – personal comp. OS utilities – control + customize comp. Launch prog, manage files, get help. User interface – comp of hw + sw helping users + comp communicate. Display, mouse, icons, menus. Command line interface – had to memorize commands. GUI – point+click. Icons, menu, toolbar, taskbar. Menu> submenu or dialogbox. Boot process – kernel loaded into RAM. From turn-on to ready-to-use. Built into ROM on system unit. ROM>os>hd>>kernel to ram><->processor. Windows strengths # of programs, #of hw platforms. Weakness MAC – boot camp Mac OS or windows. Dual boot – mac or XP applications. Strength - Easy to use, reliable, secure. Weakness – few sw, games available. Backward compatibility – can use products designed for prior/old hw/sw. – 2 parts of files, d contains data, r stores info of file like type.=> difficult when transferring. Virtual machine – simulate hw/sw of other comp. UNIX/LINUX (open source) , DOS – first os, Microsoft. File-naming conventions . File extension .doc. Reserved words . Device letter C: Disk partition - separate storage unit section of hard d. Directory – list of files for each storage. Root directory = main. => subdirectory. File specification = path. File format - Windows uses file association list linking file extension to corresponding application sw. sw application can open file exist in native format + additional formats. Application-based file management - provide way to open + save file in specific storage folder. File management utilities – big pic. Storage metaphors - visualize files on disks, not for user interface. Windows explorer – 2 panes, left – devices, right – open file. Rename, copy etc. Physical file storage
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test_2 - Operating system master controller for all...

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