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business marketing - 1. All of the following are activities...

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1. All of the following are activities illustrating marketing except: (Points :1) making a fresh pot of coffee. 2. All of the following are elements of marketing except: (Points :1) manipulating value. 3. Which among the following is fundamental to marketing success? (Points :1) Understanding the consumer's needs and wants. 4. Twenty-two year old Carl studying to be a corporate attorney aspires to buy a Rolls Royce for his fortieth birthday. Rolls Royce will not target Carl through a marketing campaign since Carl: (Points :1) is not yet a qualified potential buyer. 5. Fair-weather Art Gallery recently began offering appraisals of customers' art collections. Fair-weather is: (Points :1) expanding from offering just goods to also offering services. 6. Clean World, an environmental organization, targets schools with presentations about the importance of using plastic economically. The exchange in value occurs when students: (Points :1) shift to using recyclable products for storage. 7. Marketers must determine the price of a product carefully on the basis of the potential buyer's belief about: (Points :1) its value. 8. All of the following are responsibilities of supply chain management except: (Points :1) satisfying the service levels required by customers. 9. In the ____ era, manufacturers were concerned with product innovation, not with satisfying the needs of individual consumers. (Points :1) production-oriented 10. The Great Depression and World War II gave rise to which of the following marketing eras? (Points :1) Value-based marketing
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11. Which of the following should a new massage parlor consider implementing to attract customers in an already saturated market? (Points :1) Services and costs based on customer-preferences. 12. One of the benefits of value driven marketing is attention to customer needs and wants. This will likely result in: (Points :1) increased competition. long-term loyalties. stronger relational dialogues among competing firms. diminishing returns. 13. Developing intranet systems within companies is one way of: (Points :1) sharing information across the organization. 14. Firms use available customer data to find opportunities through which customers are better satisfied, and thus develop long-term loyalties by: (Points :1) engaging in customized advertising, and branding. 15. Vogue provides access codes to its most valued customers that allow them to log in to the store's website and avail discounts on soon-to-be-released clothing lines. This is part of Vogue's: (Points :1) transactional marketing orientation. customer relations management. 16. Marketing was once an afterthought to: (Points :1) production. finance. 17. Marketers for Starbucks found that some Japanese customers preferred being served drinks which contained alcohol. This is an indication of how marketing: (Points :1) helps expanding a firm's global presence. 18.
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business marketing - 1. All of the following are activities...

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