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For a firm to target their marketing toward the gay community can be a smart but unsafe move. First of all I think it depends on the product. If the product has nothing to do with your sexual orientation, I see no point in aiming your marketing more toward either gay or straight people. By being targeted only for being gay, a gay person might take offence in the way marketers try to take advantage of that, if the sexual orientation of the customer really has nothing to do with the use of the product. It also depends on the individual whether it’s going to be effective or not. Some gay people might appreciate the attempt of the company trying to reach out to them, while others might take offence in being targeted since they really are no different from anyone else. I believe one of the biggest risks for the company is that they might alienate their more
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Unformatted text preview: conservative customers, who might not accept the firms “gay ads” and therefore might boycott the firm. Maybe not in California or New York, but in large parts of the county, the conservative customer probably represents a higher percentage than the gay customer. I think that if done appropriately, targeting your ads toward the gay community can be very effective. For example, I really like the way Absolut Vodka did it in one of their ads. They used marketing to show their support and acceptance of the gay community with their ad showing an Absolute Vodka bottle painted in the pride flag colors with the slogan “Absolute Pride”. ( http://www.mysummerwithoutpeanutbutter.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2006/08/absolutePride.jpg )...
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