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For a foreign company to be successful in the US market there are multiple barriers they need to over come. With the mentality of supporting your county, especially in these tough economic times, many Americans prefer to buy American products before foreign. This means a foreign company really has to work hard on showing the benefits from their products to make US consumers interested. Another barrier to over come is cultural differences. To market your product in another culture you need to adapt all of your marketing to fit that culture and its beliefs. You need to take a lot of different aspects into consideration when putting your ads together so you won’t offend the new customers you are trying to reach. You also need to be careful with translating slogans. The Swedish vacuum cleaner brand Electrolux launched their products in the US
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Unformatted text preview: with the slogan Nothing sucks like an Electrolux, which to an American can seem like a strange thing to say when you are trying to get your products sold. ( http://commercial-archive.com/images/comments/electroluxADLAND.gif ) But there are also great opportunities for foreign firms who try to reach the US market. One of them is that Americans are constantly looking for new and unique things. The status of being the first one to sport a brand new gear or start a trend is part of the culture. A foreign firm with a new never-before seen product definitely has a huge opportunity of making it big in the US, but of course it has to be a product thats attractive to the US customer. And the feeling of foreign things as being different and exotic is also something that appeals to the American customer....
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