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homework 3 - New to the world Thermofocus worlds first...

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New to the world “Thermofocus, worlds first Non-Contact Thermometer” Kidz-med Inc. has launched a non-contact thermometer. The thermometer takes your child's temperature accurately without touching their skin. Providing for a trauma free experience, the temperature is taken easily from the child's forehead in less than a second. This product is classified in the “new to the world” category because it is the first one of its kind on the market. The target market for this product is parents with young children and its biggest competitors are makers of regular types of thermometers like Braun. New category offerings Designer Vera Wang started out designing only wedding dresses but has with time expanded into also designing women’s everyday business wear. I chose this example for the “new category offerings” because Vera Wang branched out from only making products in one category (weeding dresses) to now offering products in other categories ( women’s business wear etc) The target market for these products is well-paid business women. The biggest competitors
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