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Sales Promotion – Payless Shoesource “bogo” At the beginning of every season Payless shoe source offers a premium called Bogo – “Buy One Get One Half Off”. Payless uses several types of media to promote it’s bogo campaigns. You can see ads at bus stops, in magazines, on their website and in commercials on TV. The key message is to inform customers of the offer of buying one pair of shoes and getting a second pair half off. I’ve seen the TV commercial several times and I’ve seen ads outside a payless shoesorce store I pass on my way to school. These ads are targeted toward young women who want to stay fashionable without paying a lot of money. Payless sells shoes for the whole family but in these ads they show women’s sandals, flats and heels to appeal to their female clientele. I think they have been very successful in reaching out to their target market. The placed the ads in the right media channels, i.e., tv, Internet and magazines, both frequently watched and read by women. The ad campaigns for Payless bogo deals are substantial efforts in reaching out to their target
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