Human Clonin - Human Cloning Zeenat Hameed Composition...

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Human Cloning Zeenat Hameed November 21, 2010 Composition Professor Lisa Anne Price
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“They are cloning humans? What? Why?” These are the types of questions that would come to most individuals minds, when they hear this statement. Most individuals wouldn’t understand the point of duplicating a human and what the outcomes would be. Cloning humans should be banned because of its assaults on Human life; life spam is short, suffering from same kind of disease, and Expectations of Human Clones. Human cloning should be banned because it degrades the race because each individual is inherently valuable and unique. If Scientists start cloning humans then no one will be different. Also, if individuals can make copies of their bodies then why care if someone dies or lives. If there are three pencils and other two breaks then it’s ok because there is one left. Using this same case when dealing with human lives; then we would really care less for who dies or who lives. When human beings stop caring for human lives then its okay to murder people! Ever life is precious because every human has the right to live. Human cloning should be banned because the cloned person would have a shorter life span. There was an experiment done on a sheep name Dolly and it was successful, but her clone did not live long Dolly suffered from arthritis in a hind leg joint and from sheep pulmonary adenomatosis and dead. She died at the age of six but she was expected to live until she was eleven or twelve. The first successful cloned was done by a Scottish scientist in 1997and that clone was Dolly the sheep (Unknown, 2010). As soon as you mention the word cloning, you are most likely to flare up a debate. When
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Human Clonin - Human Cloning Zeenat Hameed Composition...

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