460- introduction

460- introduction - Brandon Styles AGB 460 Chapter 1...

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Brandon Styles AGB 460 2/3/09 Chapter 1 INTRODUCTION Wine and viticulture has been a rapidly growing industry over the past several decades. As wine making and manufacturing becomes more modernized and sophisticated, alternative forms of packaging have been introduced into the wine market with varying responses from consumers. As the wine industry continues to grow, the monetary and environmental costs are becoming a huge concern to consumers and the earth. A small step towards preserving resources was taken years ago when screw tops were integrated into the world of wine packaging. Industry executives were fairly certain that consumers would have negative reactions, however producers were able to keep sales consistent despite the new design being deemed “cheap” compared to the traditional corks. After this observation, wine producers were hopeful that more cost effective changes in the packaging sector could be made without much consumer sensitivity. Today there is more of an emphasis on environmentalism and sustainability in
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460- introduction - Brandon Styles AGB 460 Chapter 1...

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